“Ping Shen”

„The authors of the Ling Shu visualize nothing less than the Great Acupuncturist. They know that the good practitioner’s diagnose is a connection from deep within himself to the Spirits of the patient, which are showing signs recogniizable to the practitioner. There is a free communication between Spirits. The signs percieved by the acupuncturist are the different observable states of the Breaths, which themsellves depend upon the Essences. The attentive and properly oriented human spirit quickly and infallibly interprets the rapport of the Essences / Spirits (Jing-Shen). Thus he goes at once to the seat of the malady, which will be the place where he intervens…….This is what permits him to go with his Spirits to the Spirits of the patient….Each time that this deep level where the Essences / Spirits reside is touched by the healer, the vitality ying qi is restored.“ Rooted in the Spirit, Claude Laare, S. 06

The “Ping Shen” treatment method is a „Dao Qi“ or clinical De Qi treatment method. It is a “Way of the Heart” (Xin Fa) treatment method.


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