Accompanying the Treatment of Cancer and the therapy side effects using the Ping Shen Method

20.08. – 21.08.22

Though we are all familiar with the statements that the heart is the source of life, that it has function but no form and is respondsible for controlling and maintaining the harmony of all of the organs and functions of the body, we usually see these statements as having a more theoretical than practical clinical relevance.

In reality exactly the opposite is true.

The Ping Shen treatment method is a heart based „Dao Qi“ or clinical De Qi approach. Its treatment techniques are referred to in documents  deaing with the “Way of the Heart”, the role of the Heart and Shen, and the spiritual focus of the practitioner. It is the central aspect of the Tong Shen Ming treatment principle and strategy and one of the traditional  “Way of the Heart” (“Xin Fa”) treatment methods. Its roots are to be found in the traditional Daoist, Yogic and Buddhist texts. Its goal is to enable the clinician to affect a change at the level of the roots of the Shen in him / herself and therefore positively affect the course of the treatment. “It is treatment at the level of 1”.

The Ping Shen method and the Tong Shen Ming therapeutic principle and strategy gives us an way to practically impliment these aspects in our clinical practice.

In this course you will learn the basic Ping Shen and Tong Shen Ming techniques essential in accompanying the treatment of cancer patients.