Charlottesville 2017

We are experiencing a moral, spiritual, social and political crisis whose magnitude has not been seen before. As someone who has spent the all of my adult life involved in healing at an individual and societal, level, I cannot allow my deepening pain, outrage and concern over the developments in the United States and the recent events in Charlottesville Virginia and the administration and Donald Trump’s response to go uncommented.

But we must understand this is not only about Donald Trump, not only about a president who publicly aligns himself with the ultra-right and excuses violence, these are but symptoms of a deep-rooted disease that needs to be spoken to acted against and treated.

Though Right-wing violence is an issue that must be addressed, it is still a symptom. We cannot only treat the symptoms alone without treating the roots if we want to change this dangerous course. Trump, and the silence around him, creates an atmosphere of acceptability for the un-acceptable.

The United States of (north) America is a country whose original social and economic foundations were built upon racism and national and ethnic chauvinism. Nationalism, Racism and the ideology of White Supremacy and Chauvinism is so deeply rooted and so subtly infused in the America and western world that we often only see and respond to current events as tragic unfortunate developments, but business as usual.

For too long have we allowed racial, xenophobic, chauvinistic and nationalistic clichés in small things to color our thinking, humor, politics and social life disguising their roots and playing down the consequences in our daily life. Due to the normalcy of this we often react with a feeling of powerlessness, underestimating the dire need and importance to speak out and act in defense of human life and rights. We have far too often dismissed those who act in this manner as “fringe elements” denying the fact that the very base of our society is infused with this thinking.

We can no longer stand on the sidelines waiting to see how this is going to develop. We cannot continue to see this as in anyway shape or form as justifiable, acceptable or the logical consequence of demographic developments.

We have a moral, political and spiritual responsibility to honestly address this deadly course manifest in the populist, racist, nationalist and xenophobic rhetoric and actions that are taking place in the United States.

By not taking a stand and opposing this development, we become culpable, silent conspirators to these events.

As distressing as all of this is we cannot allow these events to frustrate and paralyze those of us committed to spiritual uplift, social justice and healing.

There is hope, there are many who are standing up and speaking up against this new wave of hatred and violence. Historically there are now more voices speaking up and expressing the true nature and hopes of the United States than ever before. For that I am ever grateful.

Let our voices and actions not disappear in the phony arguments and battles of those who are determined to undermine all that we hold dear.

We have an historic responsibility to lead and set the tenor of this discussion, and ensure that the focus is on the principles of anti-racism and human rights and not allow ourselves to get diverted in to arguments about side issues. Racism, Chauvinism, Nationalism, Xenophobia and White Supremacy in any form and under any name is criminally wrong and unacceptable.

We have to look to our own hearts, not elsewhere, to provide us with the moral and spiritual leadership and clarity necessary in healing our society.


“The Dao of Needling”


„Qi Bo said: “This is the Dao of needling: to promote the patient’s essence and spirit. If the essence and spirit (jing and shen) are not enhanced, and the will and intent (zhi yi yuan zhi de zhi, yisi de yi) are not controlled, then illness cannot be cured.

“In the present era, people’s essence is ruined and their spirit is gone, the nutritive and the protective qi cannot circulate fully. And why is this? (Because) there is no limit to eating and drinking, and (people ) worry ceaselessly: (Thus) essential qi is ruined, nutritive qi leaks out and protective qi is lost, (and the gradual end) result is loss of spirit and failure of the disease to be cured.”
(Steven Clavey; Fluid Physiology and Pathology in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chp. 5 Edema, pg. 140; Churchill Livingstone;  Su Wenn Chp. 14 §4)

Who stole the Tan Zhong (dan Zhong) ???? Or did we just forget where it is???

I am not sure if anyone noticed. But the Tan Zhong is missing. It was there in the Su Wen in the eight chapter. But it seems to have vanished in thin air in the meantime.


The Tan Zhong is not only an important system concept but also an old friend and companion of the Emperor, and most of the ancient classical acupuncturists. Some of us “younger” clinicians also had the honor of making its aquaintance.

In many of the translations of the Su Wen it has been replaced by a totally different organ without any explanation as to why. Its just gone. It is as if someone switched babys in the hospital.

Maybe that’s why the joy and elation often are missing in many treatments.

If you have any information about its whereabouts please inform your collegues and friends so that we can organize a rescue mission.

I just hope that it is not too late.