Moxa is the prepared leaves of Mugwort. It is used in the classical acupuncture to introduce warmth or heat directly into the acupuncture points and thereby directly in the various parts of the body.

Moxa Therapy is an external treatment method where the therapist uses Moxa as a heat stimulus either in conjunction with needling or alone.The treatment goal is one of tonifying the body’s natural defenses, removing stagnation, eliminating dampness, dispersing cold and wind, . There are basically two forms of moxa that are used, indirect and direct. Both methods can be helpful in treating such issues as pain, constitutional weakness or problems of digestion etc.

One can trace the use of Moxibustion to sources thousands of years BCE. Moxibustion was originally seen as a separate treatment modality, but for approximately the last 2 to 3 thousand years it is an integral part of the practice of classical acupuncture.

Forms of treatment

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