“Ping Shen” and the „One Needle Style“


The „Ping Shen“ and „One Needle Style“ and method belong to the lineage tradition of classical acupuncture and chinese medicine. Historical references to the treatment concepts and techniques underlying the „One Needle“ and „Ping Shen“ styles can be found dating from the period of the Warring States 475 BCE – 212 BCE, and Jin (Qin)-Dynasty 221 BCE. Their diagnostic,clinical and treatment techniques are based upon and found in the classsical medical texts of chinese medicine, especially the Ling Shu, Su Wenn, Mai Jing, Jia Yi Jing, Da Cheng and Nan Jing.

The Ping Shen treatment method is a „Dao Qi“ or clinical De Qi approach. Its treatment techniques are referred to in documents  deaing with the “Way of the Heart”, the role of the Heart and Shen, and the spiritual focus of the practitioner. It is one of the traditional  “Way of the Heart” (“Xin Fa”) treatment methods mentioned. Its roots are to be found in the traditional Daoist, Yogic and Buddhist texts. Its goal is to enable the clinician to affect a change at the level of the roots of the Shen in him / herself and therefore positively affect the course of the treatment. “It is treatment at the level of 1”.

Qi Bo: “The highest level of treatment is in being one with the patient”, (Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen – Kapitel 13; Antike Klassiker der Chineseschen Medizin, Unschuld)

The One Needle Style is a classical acupuncture treatment style and strategie (“San Ci Fa”) whose goal is to restore the body’s ability to sustain health.

The acupuncture treatment consist of inserting and manipulating an acupuncture needle at different depths in the skin. Theses levels are called Heaven and Earth, or Heaven, Mankind and Earth in the classical text and relate to the various levels of influences and substances inside the Body.

Each of these levels influence and address different qualities of Qi and Blood in the body respondsible for the maintenance and restoration of health. According to the classical texts, by consciously using these levels in combination with the characteristics of the points it is possible to invoke an extremely differentiated and effective treatment response with the goal of causing a specific change or correction in the flow of various dynamic biological processes, resulting in the restoration of the patient’s health.

Forms of treatment

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