Ping Shen and Tong Shen Ming Trainers Course

Many of you, that have already integrated the Ping Shen method in your clinical practice, have expressed the wish to be able to share the basic techniques with your patients and others.

In order to ensure that the quality of the Ping Shen method stays at a high level I have decided to initiate a traininng and certification program so that you, your patients and your colleagues know that you are an approved and certified practitioner and trainer of the Ping Shen method and Tong Shen Ming treatment strategy.

The program has three modules. Each of which is composed of 3 weekends. Those that participate in the program, pass the exams and case studies will be listed as Certified Ping Shen trainers and Tong Shen Ming Therapist  on the Ling Shu Institue Website.