My goal is to ensure the best care possible for my patients, and to help clinicians that are learning or already practicing  chinese acupuncture and chinese medicine, to broaden and refine their clinical and treatment skills and to develop a deeper practical understanding of the classical clinical and spiritual roots of  chinese acupuncture and medicine in order to effectively incorporate them in their practice.

Classical acupuncture demands a close interpersonal exchange between the patient and the practitioner at the very instant, the very moment of treatment. The practitioner must not only be in total command of the tools at her/his disposal, but also able to observe the changes in the patients condition and the nescesssary treatment adjustments at a moments notice.

This demand upon the practitioner can only be met if he or she has learned the necessary techniques that would enable him to respond accordingly. Because of the ease of obtaining expertise at the theoretical level, and the difficulty of gaining this experience and expertise at the practical level, many practitioners become frustrated in the practice of chinese acupuncture and develop the atitude that it is the clinical possibilities of acupuncture are limited and not their ability, knowledge or experience.